How to LEGALLY fly DRONE in TOKYO Japan and AVOID FINES $4500

How to fly a drone in Tokyo Japan and avoid being arrested or fined. Flying drones in Tokyo is illegal and you need to obtain permission from the Japan Ministry of Land Infrastructure Transport and Tourism (MILT). It's important know Japan drone laws rules and regulations. This is a Japan Drone Guide for Travelers coming to Tokyo.

More information on flying drones in Tokyo on my website below:


- Must NOT fly above 150 meters (492 feet)
- Must NOT fly within 9 km of airports
- Must keep at least 30 meters (98 feet) away from people, buildings and vehicles
- Must NOT fly at night
- Must always maintain Visual Line of Sight (VLoS) when operating the drone
- Must NOT transport hazardous materials such as explosives on the drone
- Must NOT drop any objects from the drone
- Must NOT be flown in any of Metropolitan Tokyo’s 81 public parks and gardens
- Must NOT fly over densely populated areas like cities (4000 people per square kilometer or more)
- Must NOT fly over densely populated areas such as festivals and events


If any of the rules above are violated, the drone operator is liable for fines up to a 500,000 JPY.

*Please note that the drone laws are always changing. This is not a definitive guide and you must check with the local authorities and the Japan Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism directly for the most up to date laws and regulations.

----- The MILT drone application consists of 10 parts ----

1. UAV flight Permit, Approval Application Form
2. Route of the flight
3. Manufacture, Name and Weight of UAV
4. Statement of Conformity about Function and Performance of UAV
5. Unmanned UAV
6. Additional Compatibility of UAV
7. List of Operators of UAV
8. Compatibility of operators of UAV based on the application
9. Additional Compatibility of operators of UAV
10. Flight Manual

*The application is in Japanese. I had to get help from Maiko.

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